Blue Vision Summit

While enjoying our outdoor coffee break from the stimulating sessions of the IFOMC at the Hotel O’Higgins courtyard in Viña del Mar, Chile I begin chatting with another young woman who seemed to be pretty interested in talking to a “real live observer.”  I tell her about this thing I might end up doing in DC in a few weeks IF I have time, and IF my travel plans work out.  “I work for Oceana.  I live in DC.  I volunteered at that event you are talking about two years ago.  Absolutely do it!  And you must stay on my couch.”  I liked this girl immediately and replied, “Okay!”  And that was that.

I sent in my application to volunteer at the Blue Vision Summit but wasn’t sure at the time if I would go- having sadly failed at rounding up any other northeast fisheries observers or NMFS employees to volunteer with me.  Now that I had a new friend (who I met in South America, of all places) and a place to stay there was no excuse.  I bought my plane tickets to fly to DC for the week of the Summit and planned to take Amanda up on her couch offer.

Blue Vision Summit 4




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